Inscripción Charlas Gratuitas Unidad de Obesidad

The Obesity Unit of Quirónsalud Valencia offers a program of free workshops, where a team of health professionals with experience, will teach food education, physical activity, behavioral techniques and surgical methods, which have proven effective in the treatment of obesity.

This program of talks is aimed at people who are overweight or obese, whose objective is to lose weight and improve their health status and the control of associated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoarticular problems, etc.

Free presentations program

  • Thursday November 23: "Meet the specialists who will help you during your process". Offered by experts from the Obesity Unit Quirónsalud Valencia

Place: Capilla, Consultas externas, Avenida Blasco Ibáñez 14

Hora: 16:00

  • Martes, 28 de noviembre: "Mitos y realidades sobre alimentación", ofrecida por Rocío Práxedes, dietista- nutricionista.

Lugar: Sala de Formación, Edificio Consultas Externas,Plaza Legión Española, 4.

Hora: 19:00 horas

  • Martes, 5 de diciembre: "Los estilos de ingesta, aliados o enemigos para cuidar tu alimentación". Ofrecida por Cristina Martínez, psicóloga.

Lugar: Aula de Formación, Consultas externas, Plaza Legión Española 4

Hora: 19:00 horas