As a central service, the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit complements the global offer of Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital in the field of Pediatrics and Neonatology. Our unit guarantees intensive follow-up with maximum support and support in emergency situations - medical severity, taking care of patients in case of pediatric pathology, surgical intervention or neonatal pathology, regardless of gestational age and birth weight.

Prenatal diagnosis, monitoring and prevention during pregnancy and childbirth along with the care provided by the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit allow optimal and comprehensive follow-up adapted to each patient and in any circumstance. For this purpose, the Unit has highly qualified personnel, including neonatologists, pediatric intensive care physicians and nurses with presence 24 hours a day, it also has the latest generation of technological equipment, which allows the monitoring and optimal treatment of neonates and pediatric regardless of the pathology they present.

The Intensive Care Unit has the important and innovative support of services such as Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology, Sleep Unit, Neurophysiology, Laboratory and Microbiology that allow it, in turn, to offer support to different surgical specialties.

The Quirónsalud Pediatric Unit, as a complement to its Intensive Care Unit, organizes and structures the subsequent multidisciplinary follow-up in children with high neurological risk (eg premature infants) in their consultations, always in search of continuity in the optimal treatment and follow-up with the purpose of providing our patients and their environment a healthy future. For this purpose, communication between different professionals and specialties is encouraged and continuous training is promoted. The result of this is, for example, the Perinatology Committee integrated by obstetricians, midwives, neonatologists and nurses whose objective is to optimize results, a better diagnostic orientation and therapeutic attitude in order to improve the prognosis and well-being of our patients and their families.

In the Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital there is a possibility for parents to access the Intensive Care Unit twenty-four hours a day, allowing the children to be accompanied at all times. This, in addition, favors that the parents are involved in the care and procedures, making the passage through the neonatal ICU as humanized and familiar as possible. In addition to this free access, at the Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital we have the possibility of having a "Mother Son" room in the ICU.

The concept of "Mother and Child Room" emerged in the large Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Europe and the United States and already exist in some hospitals in our country. They are rooms that are close to the ICU and allow parents to have an intimate family stay to be with their children while they recover from their pathologies. They are used in the case of large premature babies who, after a long stay in the center, prepare to go home or in cases such as jaundice, which require treatment with phototherapy.

In our hospital, the room is in front of the ICU, and its use is intended for patients who require intermediate care, but not intensive surveillance, allowing the ICU to be in charge of the child, due to its proximity to him/her, while at the same time, maintaining the intimacy of joint housing with his/her mother.