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Our Sports Medicine unit has the most advanced technology in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any pathology related to physical activity.

The specialist of our unit, Dr. Antonio Giner Marco, has the highest qualification and experience in the field, backed by a sports medical practice of more than 20 years, developed in the elite of national and international sports.

Who are we targeting?

  • To athletes, professionals or amateurs, who want to improve their performance.
  • Athletes who want to know their state of health and the possible contraindications to perform a specific sport.
  • To athletes who need a medical examination of aptitude to obtain a federative license.
  • To any person who starts in sports practice, whatever their age.

The importance of the Effort Test.

In Spain there are 200 sudden deaths per year due to silent cardiac pathology. Performing a periodic stress test could prevent most of them.
The EFFORT TEST is carried out with state-of-the-art devices using telemetry (without cables), which facilitates the execution of the same. These devices offer a large amount of information of the highest scientific quality that exists in the market, and that our specialist in sports medicine will analyze and interpret to make a perfect and comprehensive medical report.

This study, one of the most precise of the moment, consists of:

  • Cardiac study by telemetry (without wires), allowing maximum stability of the electrocardiographic record during the entire test for the detection of any cardiac pathology.
  • Complete determination of CO2 gases, VO2 max, VE, VE/VO2, accurately analyzing the aerobic route and thresholds.
  • Analysis of lactic acid.
  • The study is carried out in a personalized way, where the athlete can choose between performing the test in bicycle or on tape, with increases in speed, resistance and slope, depending on their individual variables. All this makes our stress test one of the most dynamic, physiological, personalized and bioenergetically precise.

Benefits of the Effort Test:

  • It will help us to perform a physical activity without risks, in a healthy and safe way.
  • It will optimize the training in the habitual sportsmen according to their personal objectives, knowing all the necessary parameters to improve their performance with determination of the maximum consumption of O2 and thresholds. Taking into account the characteristics of the sports gesture and the metabolic demands of each of the sports, the protocol will be oriented to obtain the level of feasibility for the practice of the same and the level and functional category of the individual, determining their aptitude for practice of different sports.
  • When we decide to start in sports practice, it will give full and detailed information about our restrictions or limitations, preventing the cardiovascular accident that causes silent heart pathologies and that are manifested with effort.


  • Effort Test
  • History and complete medical-sports assessment.
  • Anthropometry and nutritional study to know exactly the ideal weight and weight form, assess percentages of body fat and muscle, allowing us to prescribe the correct physical work and adequate caloric intake for each person.
  • Analytical study to rule out deficiencies related to physical activity and to carry out the treatment with the appropriate ergogenic aids, always of an individualized nature.
  • Complete sports checkup