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How is a cycle of artificial insemination carried out?

Baseline ultrasound

Your gynecologist will perform a baseline ultrasound approximately 21 days after the cycle prior to the start of insemination to confirm that everything is within normal and there is no contraindication to start ovarian stimulation.

Start of ovarian stimulation

If in the previous visit the echographic study was normal, you will have to start with the ovarian stimulation of the 3rd to 5th day of the period. The injections are for subcutaneous administration and preferably between 20:00 and 23:00 hours.

Insemination control

The first ultrasound control is performed between the 5th and 6th day after starting with the injections. From here the controls are every 48 hours unless your gynecologist considers it appropriate another moment.


Once the follicles have reached an adequate size, your gynecologist will indicate the date and time of the administration of the ovulation medication, such as Ovitrelle® 250. This triggers ovulation within 37-40 hours.


The intrauterine introduction of conjugal semen / donor is scheduled a day and a half after the administration of the medication for ovulation and anesthesia is not needed for its realization. The patient will be able to live a normal life after it. It is not painful.