Hospital Quirónsalud Zaragoza has a 50-year history of providing top-quality health care to the region of Aragon. This project was undertaken by Dr. Publio Cordón, who chose Zaragoza to found his first clinic. Since its inception, Quirónsalud has been a leader in private health care in Aragón and is the first hospital to offer a private 24-hour emergency room.

In September 2009, Quirónsalud Zaragoza opened its new surgical wing, which was built and outfitted with an investment of 7.5 million euros. The new wing comprises nine high-tech operating rooms (including a smart operating room), an obstetrics area, a sterilization area, and a postanesthesia resuscitation unit. Thanks to the latest advances, Quirónsalud Zaragoza has the most advanced technology, which puts it at the forefront of health in Aragón.

Quirónsalud Zaragoza continues to be a leader in Aragón, and its activity is built on three main foundations: expert staff, cutting-edge technologies, and full devotion to providing the best resources to ensure clients' well-being.

Quirónsalud has always stayed at the forefront of advanced medical technology, and in 2004 the organization opened its second hospital, Hospital de Día Quirónsalud Zaragoza, in the Aragon capital. This facility was commissioned after an investment of 12 million euros and specializes in diagnosis, outpatient surgery, and comprehensive treatment for cancer patients. The site also houses the first PET-CT scanner in Aragón, which allows early, definitive diagnosis of cancer.

Hospital de Día Quirónsalud Zaragoza is located on Avenida Gómez Hiatus, next to the La Floresta housing development, and combines the convenience of an outpatient facility with the latest in advanced technologies. It has 40 outpatient rooms for medical and surgical specialties and 2 rooms for outpatient surgeries.

Hospital Quirónsalud Zaragoza facilities and equipment:

  • 100 hospital beds
  • 2 suites
  • 3 pediatric observation beds
  • 8 ICU beds
  • 7 operating rooms
  • 1 delivery room
  • 1 c-section room
  • 2 labor rooms
  • 6 emergency cubicles
  • 6 observation beds
  • 4 incubators
  • 2 MRI units
  • 1 CT scanner
  • 1 digital remote control
  • 1 conventional X-ray machine
  • 3 ultrasound machines
  • 1 mammography unit
  • 2 echocardiography machines
  • 1 interventional cardiology room
  • 20 outpatient rooms
  • Clinical laboratory


Hospital Quirónsalud Zaragoza
Paseo Mariano Renovales, s/n
50006 Zaragoza

Telephone: (+34) 976 72 00 00 / 900 301 013

Hospital de Día Quirónsalud Zaragoza facilities and equipment:

  • 9 day hospital beds
  • 8 cancer treatment stations
  • 2 operating rooms
  • 1 conventional X-ray machine
  • 3 ultrasound machines
  • 1 mammography unit
  • 1 PET-CT scanner
  • 1 linear accelerator
  • 1 panoramic X-ray machine
  • 1 refractive laser
  • 1 posturography unit


Hospital de Día Quirónsalud ZARAGOZA
Avda. Gómez Laguna, 82.
50012 Zaragoza

Telephone: (+34) 976 579 000 / 900 301 013