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For a big group, a big goal: your health.

The finest staff, the most advanced technology, research, training, and a common management model all back the Group's commitment to quality services for all citizens. Quirónsalud covers all medical specialties, providing particularly outstanding service in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and oncology.

  • Mas de 60 añosMas de 60 años
    More than 60 years

    Quirónsalud, since its inception has over sixty years of history as hospital group.

    Our history
  • Nuestra redNuestra red
    A large health-care network

    Quirónsalud has a network of national and international centers

    Our health-care network
  • Fundación Quirónsalud
    Fundación Quirónsalud

    Fundación Quirónsalud promotes health and healthy living through societal engagement, education, and by promoting research. The work done by the foundation primarily targets patients, their families, and society as a whole.

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Our mission is to foster health and well-being by providing top-quality health services, modern hospital infrastructure, and advanced technology.

Our competitive, passionate, and dedicated staff perform their duties with the utmost professionalism, respect, and efficacy.

We highly value teaching and research and strive to transfer our results to society as a whole.

People are at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we practice person-to-person health care.

  • To be Spain’s leading hospital group, admired throughout Europe and recognized by patients, medical professionals, and institutions as a trusted provider of guaranteed quality health care.
  • To develop a leading health-services group with a solid identity and a unique, widely recognized image that creates a sense of pride in belonging.
  • To maintain an efficient network of medical centers and hospitals that offer all patients comprehensive care based on equality and respect and sustained by our medical, technical, and human excellence.
  • To manage our centers, companies, and services in a way that creates value for both the company and society.
  • To collaborate with the public health system in building an efficient network of hospitals that meets the needs of all citizens.
  • To promote innovation, research, and teaching.
  • To continually improve the quality of the human, medical, and technological resources at all of our centers.
  • To respect and preserve the environment through green initiatives and corporate social responsibility policies.