Quirónsalud is Spain's leading provider of health and elderly-care services. We cover all medical specialties so we can offer patients comprehensive care.

Our mission is to care for people's health and well-being, putting top-quality health services at their disposal while emphasizing safety, accessibility, and efficiency and striving to satisfy patients' needs within a modern hospital structure using advanced technological means to their fullest. We believe everything we do should revolve around people.

We strive to be Spain's leading hospital management group and a lodestar for European health care. Our group is driven to forge a solid identity, establish an efficient network of hospitals and clinics, manage health centers in a way that creates value for the company and society alike, promote innovation, research and teaching, constantly search for ways to improve the quality of our technology, human team and care services in all of our health centers, and care for and preserve our surroundings through initiatives that target excellent environmental management and corporate responsibility.

Our values are the foundation on which our way of acting, working, and doing thing rest on. These values speak to our conception of health and how we must relate to patient. We look to:

  • put people first and foremost
  • work as a team
  • show devotion and passion
  • foreground humanity
  • emphasize professional competence
  • innovate
  • provide benefit for society

We at Quirónsalud promote excellence by operating under a management model that prioritizes continuous improvement and understands goal-setting as a process involving people on all levels of our organization.

We guarantee full compliance with all legal requirements and other regulations applicable in our health centers.

We take steps to prevent occupational injuries and guarantee employees' continued health.

We work to protect the environment and prevent contamination. This includes optimizing our use of energy by searching for the most efficient products and services.

In addition, our desire to innovate and further clinical research is behind our partnerships with the main players in the world of research; together, we seek to transfer the results of our discoveries to society as a whole.

Department of Care, Quality, and Innovation