The Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, the only Spanish center distinguished by the prestigious International Association of Breastfeeding Consultants and IBCLCE for its excellence in the care and dissemination of breastfeeding. This international organization only awards these awards to the centers that dedicate their efforts to promote and provide a breastfeeding program through the assistance of professionals for the promotion of breastfeeding with the objective of informing families about the benefits and management of breastfeeding. breastfeeding, as well as the training of health professionals to help families achieve their breastfeeding goals.

The award was given to the Pediatric Service of Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, directed by the renowned pediatrician Gonzalo Pin and his Breastfeeding Unit, coordinated by Paloma de Miguel and holder of the IBCLC certificate. This unit focuses on preventive work, and offers its services during pregnancy to evaluate and provide information about how to properly start breastfeeding. She is also in charge of assisting the family after childbirth to help them achieve a correct breastfeeding, providing accurate information and continuing until the baby finishes its lactation stage. Likewise, it lends its support to mothers when they resume their working life and help families in more unusual situations, such as the breastfeeding of more than one baby, the birth of a premature or sick child and to train the nursing staff to administer basic care of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding decreases the incidence of ovarian cancer

Regarding the advantages of breastfeeding, Miguel Paloma states that "there is scientific evidence that women who breastfeed have a lower incidence of ovarian cancer, and children of respiratory diseases, otitis, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, urine infections, meningitis, or sudden infant death syndrome. "

Recent studies indicate that approximately 80% of pregnant women want to breastfeed, and only 65% ​​do so when they leave the hospital. As Paloma de Miguel explains, "the main cause of this failure in breastfeeding is due to a lack of support and information in these first moments, fundamental for the proper establishment of breastfeeding. That is why the Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia considers especially important the implementation of this service, which begins reporting rigorously in pregnancy, assisting during the hospital stay to ensure the proper establishment and review the evolution in outpatient consultation until the cessation of breastfeeding "

The most frequent problems arise at the beginning of the establishment of breastfeeding, when the children are premature or if the mother has difficulty in achieving an efficient and painless posture. As the specialist states, "the most frequent consultations are related to chest pain: if the baby's posture on the chest is inappropriate, it can cause pain and damage the nipple, so we help correct it not only for the mother's well-being but also also because it increases the effectiveness of the milk extraction by the baby and therefore, the production of the mother. The goal is to ensure that the shots are completely effective, painless and pleasurable. We also received many consultations for symptoms of punctures and burning in the chest. In this sense there is a protocol for the cultivation of breast milk, to determine if there is a bacterial alteration that causes these discomforts

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