Minimally invasive surgery

The Neurosurgery team at Quirónsalud Levante specialises in the treatment of neurological processes with surgical solutions. A group of expert neurosurgeons work within the Neuroscience Unit in an integrated manner.

Endoscopic treatment of brain and spinal processes:
The rise and development of endoscopy in recent years has extended to neurosurgery, which can resolve hydrocephalus, pituitary tumours (pituitary adenomas) and intraventricular processes as well as spine diseases (herniated disc and lumbar canal stenosis) with minimally invasive techniques using the endoscope.
Percutaneous treatment of spinal disc disease:
Some cases of disc herniation or similar processes can be treated without the need for surgical intervention using percutaneous techniques such as nucleoplasty, ozone therapy or rhizolysis. Some cases of vertebral fractures also make use of this treatment such as kyphoplasty.
Other minimally invasive procedures:
We work closely with the Quirónsalud Pain Unit to treat patients suffering from chronic pain, whether due to pelvic myofascial waist syndromes or failed back syndrome.
Dedicated skull base unit:
Cranial base tumours require specific techniques and training in order to perform special approaches that minimise damage of delicate structures such as cranial nerves, main arteries and vital structures.
In this field, Oncology, Radiotherapy and Neurosurgery Units must be absolutely inter-linked in order to harmonise and apply the constants and latest advances in the treatment of malignant brain processes.