Body surgery

Concern for our body has taken on special importance in recent years. Improving the body part we do not feel comfortable with has to do not only with our image, but also with our self-esteem.

Skin undergoes visible changes in the skin appearance and its most common signs are the accumulation of fat and loss of firmness.

Our highly experienced plastic surgeons perform combined operations. A premium procedure that provides best results and avoids future hospital and post-operative admissions.

The most performed combined operations are:

  • Breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.
  • Liposuction of flanks and abdomen
  • Abdominoplasty with surgery to remove excess fat in hips and legs.


Remove localised fat and get the shape you are looking for with the trust and peace of mind offered by Quirónsalud. We have the most advanced techniques and the experience of highly trained specialists who will advise you throughout the process.

Breast lift and augmentation

If you are looking for natural results, confidence and peace of mind, Quirónsalud offers you the experience of a great team of medical professionals and the latest technology for breast augmentation and lifting.


Abdominal surgery is a procedure through which excess skin and abdominal fat are removed. It also improves muscle tone which in most cases is caused from pregnancy and cannot be improved with exercise or diet. Now, sporting a flat and firm belly is possible.

Augmentation of buttocks and calves

This surgery is performed to increase the gluteal volume (buttock) or gastrocnemius zone (calf) in patients who either require a purely cosmetic increase or have had accidents with fat atrophy or with volume defects in these zones.