Diagnostic procedures

Artery studies:

  • Eco-Doppler arterial color.
  • Eco-Doppler color of femoropopliteal trunks.
  • Eco-Doppler color of the femoropopliteal sector.
  • Eco-Doppler abdominal aortic color (follow-up of aortic aneurysms and endoprostheses).
  • FAV study.
  • Continuous Doppler.
  • Determination of segmental systolic pressures (ankle / arm index).
  • Claudicometry.
  • Arteriographies (all sectors).

Venous studies:

  • ECO-DoPPler venous color:
    • Of superior members.
    • Of lower limbs: CARTOGRAPHY.
    • Of neck.
  • Continuous venous Doppler.
  • PhlebographyIleocavography.
  • Fistulography of vascular accesses for hemodialysis.

Non-surgical procedures

  • Chronic wound care center (phlebostatic, ischemic and hypertensive ulcers).
  • Treatment by Platelet Rich Plasma and Growth factors.
  • Vascular, arterial and venous medical treatment (chronic ischemia, subacute ischemia, deep vein thrombosis).
  • Infusion of prostaglandins.

Surgical procedures

Venous pathology:

Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins:

  • Conventional technique.
  • CHIVA strategy.
  • Conventional sclerosis and foam.

Arterial pathology:

Treatment through conventional surgery techniques

  • Surgical revascularization of the supra-aortic trunks and ESS (carotid ASD, By-pass).
  • Revascularization surgery of the aortoiliac sector (aorto-bifemoral bypass, ileo-femoral by-pass, thromboendarterectomy).
  • Revascularization surgery in the femoropopliteal sector (femoro - popliteal by - pass with prosthesis, femoro - popliteo bypass with inverted or in situ vein, femoro - distal by - pass).
  • Extra-anatomical revascularization surgery (femoro-femoral by-pass and bifemoral axilla).
  • Treatment of the aneurysmal pathology of the infrarenal aorta and peripheral aneurysms.
  • Vascular accesses for hemodialysis.

Endovascular procedures

  • Treatment of arterial or venous pathologies by endovascular techniques by selective catheterization.
  • Angioplasty +/- stent placement in the aortoiliac sector for ischemic pathology.
  • Distal femoropopliteal angioplasty with or without Stent.
  • Access angioplasty by hemodialysis with or without Stent.
  • Aortic endoprosthesis for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm.
  • Peripheral endoprostheses for both treatment of ischemic and aneurysmal pathology.
  • Carotid Stent.
  • Pelvic varicose embolization (treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome)
  • Embolization of peripheral and visceral aneurysms and pseudoaneurysms.