Our aim is screening for potential diseases which were until now unknown due to lack of symptoms and which are indispensable for the study of the evolution of diseases already known by the patient. Therefore, undergoing regular medical check-ups by adults is essential in identifying risk factors that can be modified and, to detect, prevent and diagnose diseases in early stages such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, aneurysms of the aorta or breast and prostate cancer among many other diseases.

Our check-ups can be supplemented, as and when the patient needs, by consultation with specialists in nutrition, psychologists, etc., or with any of the specialities available at our hospital.

The combination of basic, intermediate, and comprehensive check-ups along with our gynaecology check-up will be the sum of both the costs.

We also offer tailor-made check-ups, please enquire with our staff.

The tests can be scheduled during one morning and the patient will be accompanied by a person assigned by the hospital.

Once the check-up, including all investigations and necessary additional consultations have finished, a personalised written report is prepared and given in person or sent to the address you provide, or to your personal physician.

For more information, please call 96 339 04 27 or send an email to pilar.corell@quironsalud.esThis link opens in a popup window

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