The Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer on Demand is an immediate and effective circuit, created by the Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital so that women can access it voluntarily and directly in a situation of alarming findings.

You can contact it directly by calling 96 339 11 40 to request a citation.


  • Bulk in breast
  • Alteration of the surface or shape of the breast, especially sunken areas
  • Retraction of nipple or skin
  • Axillary ganglion

Early diagnosis improves the functional and vital prognosis of patients who are finally diagnosed with cancer. It is shown that detecting a cancer in its earliest stages determines an evident improvement in the expectation of curing the disease.

Our team has implemented an Early Breast Cancer Diagnostic Unit that aims to facilitate early diagnosis of cases in the general population. In this Unit the speed and diagnostic efficiency are the pillars of its performance. In it, oncologists with extensive experience in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, will assess their risk of suffering from a mammary tumor, will explore in detail the mammary glands and the ganglionic territories dependent on them in search of suspicious nodules and will evaluate the mammograms and, eventually, , the mammary ultrasound that is requested in the consultation. Once the risk has been assessed and the imaging tests have been checked after a thorough examination, our oncologists will issue a diagnostic judgment and recommendations based on the results obtained immediately or up to 48 hours after the consultation.

For us, the effectiveness in the diagnosis is linked to the speed of the diagnosis because we are aware of the importance that time has in these processes.