The general trend of women deciding to get pregnant later in life, combined with technologically advanced infrastructure, numerous clinics, and lenient legislation, has made Spain the go-to country for assisted reproduction for both local and foreign women.

Spanish law is unique in that, unlike many of its neighboring countries, it allows same-sex couples and single women to receive fertility treatments. Spanish clinics also accept women trying to conceive up to age 50. France, for example, puts the cutoff age at 43 years, and does not allow access to the treatment for same-sex couples or single women.


In addition, the guarantee of donor privacy inspires more women to donate. In Spain, egg donation is anonymous, voluntary, and unpaid. In many countries that offer similar services -- such as the United Kingdom, Austria, and Sweden -- egg donation is not anonymous. While the economic compensation in these countries is designed to make up for the physical discomforts of the procedure, as well as the travel and loss-of-work expenses that may arise from the process, economics alone may not be enough of an economic incentive for a woman to want to donate.

Spain has over 200 gynecological centers, more than any neighboring country, and also boasts a strong tradition of egg donation. In Britain and France, there is a general egg shortage, which can result in long waiting lists and higher prices. The waiting lists in particular are a problem for older potential patients who are on the cusp of the cut-off age.

Of these gynecological centers, the Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital is one of the most prestigious. It is a private health center with over 70 years of experience, 193 rooms, 14 operating rooms, 148 outpatient consultation rooms, an adult ICU, a neonatal ICU, specialized 24-hour emergency service, and a range of cutting-edge technology. The facility forms a part of the Quirónsalud Hospital Group, the largest private healthcare group in Europe.


View of the Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital

Dr. Ramon Aurell Ballesteros is the medical director of the Assisted Reproduction Unit at Quirónsalud Barcelona. He says that top-notch technology is only a part of what makes Quirón a leader in its field.

"It’s about the experience," he notes. "We have designed our fertility treatment process to focus on our patients and their needs at all times. Our teams of professionals offer 24/7 personalized attention, they work together to define a coordinated and multi-faceted treatment that is tailored to each individual, both in the case of the egg donors and the donation recipients." Quirónsalud offers emergency services and psychological support if needed, as well as direct access with their embryologists via email, who inform them of the status of their treatments.

The Assisted Reproduction Unit also maintains a strong relationship with both the Hospital General de Catalunya and Hospital El Pilar, and offers visits in each of these facilities. Each patient’s movements are coordinated according to her geographical location, so that regular exams, tests, and ultrasounds may be programmed at the center closest to each woman’s home. "We offer them the best treatment in terms of medicine and technology, but we also work to make the process easy, to make them feel at home", says Dr. Aurell.

Dr. AurellDr. Aurell

Dr. Ramon Aurell

Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital does not only help their patients realize their dream of becoming pregnant, but also possesses the infrastructure to accompany these women through the process of becoming a mother. After a patient has successfully become pregnant through IVF or artificial insemination, Quirónsalud’s team of gynecology and pediatrics specialists are there to accompany her through the process of pregnancy, childbirth and, in the case of local patients, her baby’s childhood.

"Our medical standards are on par with the best assisted reproduction centers in Europe", says the doctor. "This, together with the follow-up that is done before, during and after the process, makes the Assisted Reproduction Unit of Quirónsalud Barcelona an excellent option for women who are thinking about assisted reproduction treatment -- and who want to do it in a safe environment, with an internationally-recognized group of professionals who pay attention to every medical and emotional detail of her experience."

Assisted Reproduction Unit

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