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Radiotherapy is a modality of oncological treatment of local character, whose intention is to administer an optimal dose (lethal) to the sick cells producing the least possible damage on healthy cells: (teratéutico index).

Advances in Radiotherapy: in positioning, simulation (with image fusion programs: CT, NMR, PET-CT), planning (dose calculation algorithms), treatment: multilane collimators, dynamic conformation: modulated intensity, IGRT: guided RT by image), they get a greater precision of the treatments which entails:

  • Decrease the toxicity associated with irradiation, with better quality of life of the patient and possibility of the interdisciplinarity of oncological treatments (chemotherapy, hormonotherapy ...).
  • Increase doses: daily, shortened the total duration of radiotherapy treatment, (prostate ca: from 37-38 daily sessions to 25-28, in breast ca of 25-30 to15-20), and total, with a benefit in the therapeutic gain in those tumors close to organs with dose limitations to radiotherapy (brain tumors).

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