foto_familia_presentacion_beca_quironsalud_malaga_marbella_pressfoto_familia_presentacion_beca_quironsalud_malaga_marbella_pressMalaga University and Quirónsalud hospital group (Quirónsalud Malaga and Quirónsalud Marbella hospitals) have signed a cooperation agreement to create the ‘Quirónsalud Sponsored Professorship Programme in Biomedical Research’, the objective of which is the creation of a cross-departmental space for the study, analysis, research, teaching and dissemination of medical and therapeutic developments.

The agreement was exchanged today at the Chancellor’s Office during an event chaired by the Chancellor, José Ángel Narváez; accompanied by the Research Vice-chancellor of Malaga University, Teodomiro López Navarrete; the Directors of Quirónsalud Malaga and Marbella hospitals, i.e., Tomás Urda and Lola Alguacil, and Inmaculada Bellido, who will be the Head of the Programme.

The Chancellor expressed his gratitude for Quirónsalud’s trust in a public university and assured that the implementation of this initiative "is more than an opportunity to cooperate and transfer knowledge, it actually takes on a humanistic approach. The pandemic has revealed new a pathway which involves the promotion of transformation and improvement of the resources being offered to society from all areas, and specifically from the medical area".

Tomás Urda, Director of the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital, stated that, due to our changing ecosystem, "it is hard to anticipate the knowledge, skills and profiles of competence that will be required of health professionals in the foreseeable five to ten years", which is why the QS Professorship Programme is a good environment to work on this.

In this sense, Lola Alguacil, the Director of Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, highlighted that "no organisation integrating people who work for other people can fall behind in clinical innovation and the humanisation of the medical services, which are the key aspects of medical assistance at the essence of this project".


The objectives of the Professorship, which will also be developed in the facilities of the two Malaga hospitals, are mainly the contribution to the development of medical and therapeutic research, especially in its more innovative aspects, which lead its promoters to have a special focus on R&D+i and technology research through the joint work of the sponsors and the individuals working on the projects.

At the same time, it will promote advisory and consultancy activities driving health business innovation, and focusing on the promotion and incentivisation of all kinds of analyses and relations with disciplines linked to bioengineering, bioinformatics and IT, psychology, robotics, health economics or medical electronics, amongst others.

The organisation of conferences, seminars and congresses will also be promoted together with several training activities included in graduate or postgraduate courses, all of which will have a focus on the improvement of students’ training, who will also be given the opportunity to carry out professional work placements of a high standard of quality.

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